Use These 3 Techniques to Improve Your Book Sales

1. Write to market

You have the best chance at succeeding as a new author if you already have a built-in platform. What do I mean by that? You have an Instagram account with hundreds or thousands of followers eagerly waiting for something you’re going to drop. Or you’re an online professional with clients who’ve been waiting for you to put your genius down on paper.

But if you’re not.

Then give yourself a better chance at success by writing to market. You want to write in a niche or category where there’s already readers who enjoy books like the one you intend to write. Chances are if they read one book in your niche and they loved it, well guess what, they’re going to be looking for other books in the same niche.

2. Build an email list

An email list is not only gold to marketers, but to successful authors as well.

You don’t want to start from scratch everytime you publish a book. You want to build up anticipation for what you’ve written. Most of all, you want to be in front of people who’ve already said that they enjoy your style fo writing and what its added to their lives.

They’ve simply told you this by giving you their email address.

An email list can help you publish a book and gain visibility on Amazon’s hot new releases list. And the larger the list, the more likely your book will end up on your genre’s bestseller list. This increased visbility tends to have a snowball effect, gathering more sales for your book.

And the greater the sales, the bigger the audience.

3. Have a cover similar to those in your genre

One mistake many new authors make, and even those more seasoned to publishing, is choosing the wrong book cover.

You don’t have to spend hundreds for a good book cover. They’re many book designers who are $150 and less. You do have to take a look at books in your niche. Who’s on the cover? What are the similar elements of bestselling books in your category? What type of font is used and how big is the author name? All these elements are something you have to consider.

You want your book cover to be appealing and draw readers in simply by looking at the thumbnail. But you also want your cover to blend in with the others in its category so that readers feel like it fits what they’re looking for as they browse. If it fits and the design’s appealing, they’ll stop in their tracks to take a closer look.