2 Big Self-Publishing Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

1. Writing in a different niche with every book release

In order to build a reader base that consistently buys your books, readers have to know what to expect from you.

This means you can’t publish a self-help book one day, a cooking book another day, and then a book on practicing yoga. These three topics might all be of interest to you, but publishing in different categories will only confuse your readers, so much so that they might fall off.

If you do have an interest in more than one niche, the best thing to do is to publish consistently in the area you’re most interested in first. Let’s say you write and publish three books in the self-help category. Now that you’ve probably built a reader-base, you may want to try publishing in a different niche. Some long-time readers might follow you, others might not.

There’s no need for you to get stuck writing in one categeory.

But reader’s have to know what to expect from you.

On the other hand, if you initially write in a niche and you’ve gained no traction in terms of sales, its up to you to decide if to pivot and write in a different niche.

There’s been many examples of authors who didn’t find success in one niche, who then went on to become successful when they switched niches.

Only you can decide when to stick to the course.


2. Having a lackluster blurb

An author’s blurb is their 24-7 sales person.

When you’re brushing your teeth, your blurb is working for you. When you’re eating lunch at the office, your blurb is working for you. And when you’re fast asleep, you’re blurb is working for you.

Readers don’t decide to buy a book just because they like the cover or because a friend recommended the book to them. They have to read the blurb and decide that the book sounds interesting enough to warrant their time.

We’re living in a fast-paced world where readers are consuming books on mobile devices.

Make your blurb short and snappy, enticing readers to pick up your book. Put effort into writing your book’s blurb or have someone craft one for you. Because an effective blurb is often the deciding factor for a potential reader.

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