4 Reasons Why Self-Publishing's Lit

1.      You’ve got the power

Self-publishing allows you to have complete creative control over your work, from how the text is formatted to the cover design.  Gone are the days when a writer had to go through a traditional publisher, who then decided how your book would be presented to the world.

As a self-published author, you choose your book’s path to publication from start to finish. Whether that takes you one month or one year.  The quality of your book and how it gets to market is all on you.  And the best part--you get to retain all rights and publish your book on any medium you choose, whether that’s in ebook format, print, or audio.

2.      Collect more coins

Traditional publishing send payment information once or twice annually but but a self-published author can see their payment information everyday simply by checking your publishing platform's dashboard. Being able to see your income daily allows you as the creator of the work to pivot if needed. You’ll also earn higher revenue because the percentage of profits earned from a book sales is set higher than what traditional authors earn. In addition, better transparency allows you to spearhead the direction of your business.

3.      No gatekeeper

One of the great things about self-publishing is that there are no gatekeepers. Back in the day of traditional publishing, anyone looking to publish a book had to first query a literary agent with the hopes they'll be offered representation. This would be the first step down the road to publication. Now, anyone can gettheir book into the hands of readers without a gatekeeper.  If you're writing your first book, know that it doesn't have to be perfect. Many successful authors didn't have initial success withtheir first book. Make a decision today If you've been sitting on the fence and start writing. 

4.      You build authority

Self-publishing helps an author build authority. This authority creates opportunities including writing for blogs in your niche, appearing on podcasts, and speaking engagements.

 These four benefits of self-publishing all starts with one sentence, so go write your book.